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Property Report Logistics Market Germany 2012


Reihe: BNPPRE Property Report

Anbieter: BNP Paribas Real Estate (BNPPRE)

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  • Erscheinungsweise: Jährlich
  • Berichtszeitraum: Jahr 2012
  • Seiten : 23 Seiten
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Take-up in German logistics market sets new record

In 2011, the German logistics markets enjoyed a quite extraordinary year and set a new
record: nationwide take-up totalled 5.84 million m², which exceeded by far anything ever
achieved before.

Very strong demand generates excellent turnover

  • The 2011 figure surpassed the previous record, set in 2010, by all of 34 %. And it was a handsome 70 % higher than the ten-year average.
  • What is particularly pleasing is that the growth in turnover extended to all the submarkets and was thus not simply the result of exceptionally big deals in individual regions. Takeup was consistently higher everywhere, both in and outside the major German logistics locations.
  • The result was certainly fuelled by the good general economic development but also by adjustment processes in retail business and by a host of large-scale new leases.

Logistics firms and wholesale/retail ahead of the rest

  • In terms of business sectors, two groups clearly dominated activity. With a share of over 40 % of aggregate take-up, logistics firms took first place ahead of companies in the field of wholesale and retail, which contributed slightly more than 37 %.
  • One remarkable feature of 2011 was the dynamic scale of activity among online merchants. Amazon, for instance, by itself took up a total nearly 400,000 m² of logistics space, spread over four deals, while Zalando accounted for almost 140,000 m² with two newly concluded leases.

Rise in prime rents

Apart from Munich (and Berlin and Leipzig, where rents had already risen towards the end
of 2010), the level of prime rental prices rose everywhere in the course of 2011.

  • Frankfurt has now caught up with Munich at the top of the inter-city rental price ranking; the prime rent in both these locations is 6.20 €/m².

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