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Nursing Care Properties Report 2012-2013


Anbieter: CBRE Group

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  • Berichtszeitraum: Jahre 2012, 2013
  • Erscheinungsdatum : 01.02.2013
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Since 2008, transaction volumes in the nursing care segment has continously increased and for the investment year 2012 a slight increase in volumes can be expected as well. This development can be mainly attributed to two factors. On the one side, the sector has proven to be rather sturdy against cyclical fluctuations caused by the ups and downs on global financial markets and financing nursing care properties often requires private capital due to more and more public budget cuts. On the other side, yield prospects for this asset class are comparatively attractive, whereas the yield compression in the office and retail sector is well advanced. As of late, however, increasing demand and construction costs also led to rising purchasing prices for nursing care properties. At present, investors have to pay 15 times the annual rent for prime assets in conurbations, whereas nursing properties outside of economic centres yield 12.5 to 13.7 times the annual rent. The higher purchase factor can also be attributed to the considerably increased number of investors who buy a property, split it up into individual units and sell it on. In 2012, such investors accounted for about 30 % of the transaction volume.

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