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Housing Market Report Eastern Germany 2016


Anbieter: TAG Immobilien

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 15.11.2016
  • Seiten : 38 Seiten
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  • Sprache(n) : Englisch

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TAG Immobilien asked the real estate services company Wüest & Partner to compile and analyse a full range of relevant housing market parameters in selected cities in Eastern Germany. Their comparison of rents, property prices, price-to-rent ratios, yields and micro-economic data for each of the cities has revealed some very exciting developments. The report begins by providing details on a range of geographically differentiated developments that every investor should know. 
One look at Eastern Germany's housing markets reveals that there has been a trend reversal. Outward migration from Germany's Eastern states has come to an end. But, as in many other regions, the markets are heterogeneous and the development of rents and property prices is shaped by a combination of different factors. Urban or rural locations plays just as much of a role as regional affiliation, transport infrastructure and economic or population growth. Although double-digit price rises have been registered in some areas, it is still comparatively cheap to live in Eastern Germany – and in an environment that is just as attractive and comfortable as the West. This is a major plus for the region's cities, and has attracted more and more residents, many of whom have moved from Western Germany. As a result, countless opportunities are opening up for investors.

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