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Regional Japanese office markets


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High-grade office buildings in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka have continued their strong performance in the second half of 2017. New projects have come online close to fully leased, and landlords are now raising rents both for the limited space that remains and also for contract renewals. High-grade vacancy sits below 3% in all three major markets. 2017 supply has completed and already been largely absorbed. The few new buildings expected in 2018 and beyond are typically not large enough to pose a risk to fundamentals. Occupancy is squeezing tighter and tighter, making relocations difficult. Average high-grade rents have increased in all three surveyed cities, both due to new completions and also due to landlords pushing through higher asking rates. Osaka's prime buildings are collectively up 6.6% over a year ago, while Nagoya's have increased 3.1%. Fukuoka's rents have increased an impressive 16.5% over the same period.

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