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Outlet Centres in Europe

September 2019


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Beginning in the USA and, over the past 25 years, subsequently spreading in Europe as well, a new retail format has been established: the Factory Outlet Centre (FOC) or Designer Outlet Centre (DOC). In the meantime, such a high density of Outlet Centres already exists in some European countries (e.g. Great Britain), that one can certainly speak of market saturation here. Thus, in Great Britain, as in the USA also, a market shakeout is observable among locations of Outlet Centres, whereby the most professional operators, and accordingly suitable locations, win out over less productive concepts or locations with weaknesses.

Whereas Germany still shows a lot of potential for new Outlet Centres, Italy has seen a rapid development in the last years, and it's difficult to discover any "white spots" on the map there. The same applies to Switzerland and Austria. In the Central and East European Countries (CEE) the development took up pace but slowed down again in the aftermath of the credit crunch. So still there are significant differences on the development of Outlet Centres and the numbers of such centres in the European countries.

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