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Outlet Centres in Europe

December 2019


Reihe: ecostra Market Survey

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 01.12.2019
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Beginning in the USA and, over the past 25 years, subsequently spreading in Europe as well, a new retail format has been established: the Factory Outlet Centre (FOC) or Designer Outlet Centre (DOC). In the meantime, such a high density of Outlet Centres already exists in some European countries (e.g. Great Britain), that one can certainly speak of market saturation here. Thus, in Great Britain, as in the USA also, a market shakeout is observable among locations of Outlet Centres, whereby the most professional operators, and accordingly suitable locations, win out over less productive conceptsor locations with weaknesses.
The situation in continental Europe is somehow different. Due what are, to date, extremely restrictive building permission procedures compared to those in the rest of Europe, Germany has only a very few Outlet Centres in relation to the size of this national market. However, there is little doubt that this will change in the medium-term perspective, at least. The kind of emotional argument that often used to take place until just a few years ago has now given way to a much more factual discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of establishing an Outlet Centre.
The following survey of existing and planned Outlet Centres and Organized Outlet Agglomerations in Europe is intended to help improve transparency on the retail trade market.

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