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Redefining Retail Logistic

What does the future hold for supply chains, warehousing and the role of the store?


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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 01.01.2020
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JLL is convinced that retail is still about product and service, convenience and experience. The future, however, will be defined by next generation logistics. Those who deliver the right logistics model will deliver a new era of profitable retail.

Urbanisation, demographics and technology are driving huge structural change across the real estate industry. In retail and in retail logistics, the growth of e-commerce and ‘event-driven’ retail, coupled with an explosion in customer choice, expectations and service, have fundamentally shifted the landscape and real estate outlook.

Furthermore, ethical and sustainability challenges will increasingly need to be addressed, as we predicted when we published Retail 2020 back in 2010; these are wide-ranging and progressively subject to regulation and more stringent reporting requirements.

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