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Tipping Points - How climate, politics, demographics and technology are transforming real estate


Reihe: Savills Impacts

Anbieter: Savills

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 20.05.2020
  • Seiten : 26 Seiten
  • Datei-Typ : PDF-Datei
  • Größe : 30,15 MB
  • Sprache(n) : Englisch

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This latest edition is dedicated to the topic of tipping points, looking at how widespread economic, social, environment and technological upheaval is changing the world of real estate. We also address the implications of one of the greatest tipping points in our lifetimes - the Covid-19 pandemic.

How are investor strategies changing in today's economic and geopolitical environment? How is social and technological change shaping the retail sector, or fast growing biotech sector? How will we meet the climate change challenge and which regions are best placed to deliver food and water security? How will smart buildings and MMC revolutionise building management and construction, and in turn help the industry meet these challenges?

Even in light of Covid-19 Savills has been hearing from clients that they haven't lost sight of the big issues, many of which will possibly have far larger and longer implications than the pandemic, and that this period has given them the time and a renewed will to consider and find solutions to these. Global technological, demographic, social and climate tipping points have not gone away - even if they have been pushed off the front page as we collectively fight the virus. However, the future prioritisation of Global health and welfare as well as an even greater environmental focus may well be the lasting legacies of the current pandemic.

Impacts seeks to answer these questions, and more, giving you an international perspective on the risks and opportunities in global real estate.

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