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Delivering new homes resiliently

UK Residential Development – Autumn 2020


Autoren: Lucy Greenwood , Ed Hampson , Charlotte Heffernan

Reihe: Savills Spotlight

Anbieter: Savills

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 23.10.2020
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The challenges and opportunities for delivering new homes in the future

The new build market has recovered well after the slowdown in construction during the initial lockdown. From here it has the opportunity to increase its market share by adapting design to meet changing preferences and appeal to a broader range of buyers. However, the market will need to adapt to the changes to Help to Buy.

  1. Young families are the most common buyers of new homes and the greatest users of Help to Buy, making them the most exposed to the tapering and ending of the scheme. Providing family housing they can continue to afford in areas with good primary schools, play areas and parks will be important for attracting this group.
  2. Singles and couples over 40 are the least common buyers of new homes. Low maintenance, energy-efficient homes close to health services appeal to many in this group. A further 8,700 homes a year could be sold if 10% of this market could be captured.
  3. To be more resilient to changes in market conditions, developers could deliver a range of tenures including forward-funded build to rent homes and income-generating uses alongside homes for sale where appropriate.
  4. Developments in the future will need to be energy-efficient, sustainable, mixed, flexible and well-connected places that promote health and wellbeing to meet buyers' needs and Government targets. With higher ESG credentials there is greater investment potential, albeit providing all this will put some pressure on land values.

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