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In focus: prime central London

UK Residential Winter 2020


Autoren: Lucian Cook , Frances Clacy , Jonathan Hewlett

Reihe: Savills Research

Anbieter: Savills

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 30.11.2020
  • Seiten : 9 Seiten
  • Datei-Typ : PDF-Datei
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  • Sprache(n) : Englisch

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Years of political, economic and environmental uncertainty continue to define the prime central London property market - and shape its future. But this market remains resilient, and continues to weather many a storm.

Savills' latest report, In Focus: Prime Central London explores:

  • How prime London will stage its next comeback as it adjusts to the effects of Covid-19
  • The current state of the market as told by our agents on the front line
  • The data story of London's recovery and its value on a world stage

Read the story of a market with enduring appeal, and discover what's next for luxury residential property as a Covid-19 vaccine, which is key to the streets of central London regaining their buzz, becomes closer to reality.

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