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Investment Quarterly Asia Pacific

Q4 2020


Autoren: Simon Smith , Frank Marriott

Reihe: Savills Research

Anbieter: Savills

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  • Erscheinungsweise: Quartalsweise
  • Berichtszeitraum: 4. Quartal 2020
  • Erscheinungsdatum : 20.01.2021
  • Seiten : 24 Seiten
  • Datei-Typ : PDF-Datei
  • Größe : 3,01 MB
  • Sprache(n) : Englisch

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In Asia Pacific, Savills has 62 regional offices comprising over 29,000 staff . Asia Pacific markets include Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Viet Nam. Savills provides a comprehensive range of advisory and professional property services to developers, owners, tenants and investors.

China's swift turnaround augurs well for the rest of the region as entering the recovery phase of the pandemic. Expectations of a prolonged supportive policy environment in 2021 combined with successful vaccination programs and more open borders are already boosting transactions volumes ahead of much anticipated broad-based positive growth. Countries with a strong domestic investor base continue to outperform.

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