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European Cross Border Investment

European Commercial - February 2021


Autoren: Mike Barnes , James Burke

Reihe: Savills Spotlight

Anbieter: Savills

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 04.02.2021
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Travel bans hamper cross-border transactions in 2020

Economic overview

As vaccine rollouts are in full flow across European markets, green shoots will begin to emerge for Europe's economies as we head through the year. Nevertheless, further lockdowns imposed during the first quarter of 2021 as a result of new variants within the virus will continue to hamper the recovery, with the eurozone economy expected to contract by 2.5% YoY in Q1 2021. Overall, the economy is expected to grow +4.6% in real terms in 2021 and is expected to be back to the pre-Covid levels by the end of 2022.

2021 will present more evidence of the impact on eurozone unemployment rates, although this is only expected to peak at 9.3% during Q2 2021, suggesting the furlough packages are generally delivering the desired results.

Despite the ebb and flow of transit mobility levels, business confidence continues its upwards trajectory as companies are able to adapt to new lockdowns more efficiently and will have increasing clarity in planning for longer term.

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