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European Sale and Leaseback

European Commercial – February 2021


Autoren: Lydia Brissy , Oliver Fraser-Looen

Reihe: Savills Market in Minutes

Anbieter: Savills

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 16.02.2021
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Stars lined up for sale and leaseback

Last year the European volume of sale and leaseback (S&LB) transactions totalled €8.4bn, 10% lower than in 2019 but 8.5% higher than the past five years average. This is a robust result compared to the overall investment activity, which dropped by 18% last year.

Historical data shows a significant correlation between property prices and S&LB activity, which translates into an increasing number of S&LB transactions when yields are moving in. So far, the largest wave of S&LB deals was recorded in 2007, when yields had hardened by 168bps on average across sectors in core European cities since the beginning of the cycle in 2001. This is indeed an ideal period for S&LB transactions to take place as rising prices trigger owner-occupiers' interest in selling their properties, whilst investment opportunities are scarce on the market.

With the increased need for businesses to find liquidity to shore up balance sheets or make acquisitions in the current and post-Covid environment, Savills believes S&LB will become the sector of choice during 2021.

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