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European Investment Outlook

European Commercial – February 2021


Autor: Lydia Brissy

Reihe: Savills Spotlight

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 26.02.2021
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The impact of the lockdowns on the European economy has been less severe than expected

According to Focus Economics, eurozone GDP in Q4 2020 declined by 0.6% QoQ, confirming that the autumn lockdowns had a less severe impact on the economy than in Q2 20. As a result, the eurozone economy contracted by 5.0% YoY last year, with wide degree of variation between countries. Germany and Spain, expanded while others contracted. Austria was the worst performer by far, with a quarterly contraction of 4.3%, followed by Italy and France.

2021 will look to consolidate some of the economic losses observed during 2020, with eurozone GDP growth anticipated to grow by 4% during 2021. However, most European economies will not fully recover their economic losses until the end of 2022, except Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland and Norway that are likely to recover earlier.

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