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European Life Sciences

European Commercial – September 2021


Autoren: Steven Lang , Mike Barnes

Reihe: Savills Spotlight

Anbieter: Savills

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  • Erscheinungsdatum : 31.08.2021
  • Seiten : 24 Seiten
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What is driving life science growth?

Life sciences covers a wide range of medical fields including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical research, with an increasing focus on applied sciences such as cell and gene therapy (CGT) and genomics. As an R&D-intensive sector, technological advancements have accelerated progress and opened up new ways to improve human health.

Thanks to medical advances, people today are living longer and are healthier. Even people with pre-existing conditions and chronic or long-term diseases can now live more actively for longer. The ageing population is driving the continuous development of preventive treatments, prescription drugs and innovations in all areas of life sciences and the development of advanced medical devices.

Life sciences encourage investors to develop their portfolios around the 'triple helix' of government, universities and industry to create ecosystems. More recently, this has expanded to a quintuple helix, focussing on societal and environmental benefits, with proximity to high-quality teaching hospitals essential.

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