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Japan’s Prospects Towards 2030

November 2021


Reihe: Savills Spotlight

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Steady growth in Asia's largest real estate market expected to 2030
  • Japan's social, political and economic stability, combined with low interest rates, continues to attract international capital.
  • The populations of Japan and Tokyo are not forecast to see major changes over the next decade and should provide a steady foundation for the economy.
  • Multiple large-scale developments are in the pipeline for completion by 2030, and they are expected to enhance the appeal of central Tokyo and attract more office and residential tenants.
  • Other major cities across Japan have their own large-scale development plans and are likely to thrive as regional hubs.
  • Technological game changers such as the proliferation of electric vehicles and autonomous driving could impact the economy and transform property demand.
  • Potential concerns for Japan include the country's high public debt levels, natural disasters, and geopolitical tensions.

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